a guide to...

making yourself a radiohead bootleg

introduction Radiohead just finished their small tour in Portugal and Spain, testing out lots of new material before an audience. You, as a fan, really want to hear these songs, and maybe you've even downloaded some, but there are lots of songs out there. Which ones should you pick? In this small guide i'll show you how to make
yourself a nice 2CD Radiohead bootleg with all the new songs, including one complete concert.
step 1

Start up yer browser, make yourself a cup of coffee or any other hot beverage, because we're gonna download an awful lot of songs.

First, download the complete Teatro Kursal 30/07 gig from the Injketilo site. Scroll down the page to find the 30/07 gig. The site is usually quite busy, so it could take some time before the site responds to the download request, but once you start downloading it's usually quite fast, especially if you have a cable connection. If you have some spare money laying around, give a donation to the site's webmaster. Bandwidth isn't very cheap these days.

Next, download some extra songs:
I Will (24/7) , Wicked Child(6/08), Lift(6/08) and Big Boots(07/08) from Jonny Greenwood Audio. Scroll down the page for the songs, make sure you get the right date, because those are the best sounding versions.

Get Where I End And You Begin (07/08) and 2+2=5 (06/08) from http://site.voila.fr/Radioheadnews.

Finally get Up on the Ladder (26/07) from Injektilo and Up on the Ladder from http://pagina.vizzavi.pt/~vb20552a/. Move on...

step 2

You may have a problem with the burning, depending on the size of the cd's that you want to use. If you're using 90 minute cd's there isn't a problem, but if you want to use 80 minute cd's or less you have a problem because the songs on the second CD have a total playing time of 80 minutes and 9 seconds. Yes, that's 9 seconds too long. To solve this problem, start up your favourite audio editor and chopp off 9 seconds from one of the songs. This sounds worser than it is, because, for example, after the end of 'How to Dissappear' there's just a lot of clapping noise and people leaving the show. It wouldn't hurt to chop it off there.

If you don't want (or don't know how to) edit the songs, there's really only one solution: you have to leave one song (or maybe even more songs if you're using 74m cd's) off the cd. Listen to the songs and make a careful selection.

Allright, if everything went well downloading the songs and possible selection burn the tracks to CD, using this tracklisting.


  1. There There
  2. Scatterbrain
  3. Wolf at the Door
  4. We Suck Young Blood
  5. Myxomatosis
  6. A Punch Up at a Wedding
  7. Sit Down, Stand Up
  8. I Might Be Wrong
  9. Morning Bell
  10. Lucky
  11. Talk Show Host
  12. My Iron Lung
  13. Exit Music
  14. Dollars and Cents
  15. Pyramid Song


  1. National Anthem
  2. Idioteque
  3. Everything in it's Right Place
  4. Like Spinning Plates
  5. Airbag
  6. Climbing up the Walls
  7. Paranoid Android
  8. Sail to the Moon
  9. How to Dissappear Completely
  10. Go to Sleep
  11. Big Boots
  12. Up on the Ladder
  13. Wicked Child
  14. 2+2=5
  15. Where i End and You Begin
  16. Lift
  17. I Will

Make sure to set your program so that there's a pause between number 9 and number 10 on the 2nd CD. Press 'Burn' and get yourself another cup of coffee.

step 3 Get the covers for the cd. Click here for the front cover and here for the back cover. Print them, cut 'm and put them in the jewel case. Try to see if you have one of those handy '2 cd's in a 1 cd case' things lying around or else you'll have to print the covers twice. Put the burned cd's in the case and...
step 4

Ready! You just made yourself a 2CD Radiohead bootleg! Put CD1 in your player and press 'play'. Ah...that sounds nice...

If you have any questions left, you can me.

Many thanks to Audiothief for sorting out the best quality songs, and ihearvoices.co.uk for the photos on the cover.